Why Apps Should Be at the Forefront of Retailers’ Business Plans

by on April 20, 2016


“Retailers are spending large amounts on revamping their websites and making them easier to use. But only 30% have an app and only 28% have mobile-friendly websites.” – Mobile Retailing, Centre for Retail Research.

Smartphones are increasingly becoming the initial step consumers take to making a purchase and yet only 23% of Top UK retailers have a transactional app. Adobe reports 42% of smartphone users say an app would strengthen a brand connection. Below are our top tips for retailers when considering developing an app.

#1 Include Loyalty Schemes
Loyalty schemes are a great incentive for consumers to download your app initially and an even better excuse for them to become loyal customers for your brand.

Having these in-app rather than on cards means that customers are less likely to have forgotten or lost their loyalty card – with 97% of shoppers having their smartphone at hand.

#2 Find Our Nearest Store
41% of consumers use retail apps while on the move, and might not even realise there’s a shop in walk distance! Why not give them a nudge in the right direction with a ‘find your nearest store’ function?

#3 Offers & Promotions
Personalised offers and promotions are a great way to show your customers you really consider and understand what they are looking for in your company. Having an app which your customers have to log in to is a great way of personalising your customers’ user experience.

#4 Compliment Consumers’ In Store Experience
Your app shouldn’t just be another purchase platform – it should also reinforce your customers’ in-store experience. From bar-code scanners to get extra product information to mobile checkouts and special promotions – there are endless possibilities with your retail app.

#5 Excel Your Website
29% of users would download a retail app if it were easier to use than the retailer’s website. Simplifying the user experience and adding additional perks to your app will encourage consumers to use it.

#6 Make It Free!
74% of people would download a retail app simply for the reason it’s free!