Top Tips: How to Measure Your App’s Success

by on May 18, 2016


With companies all over the world jumping on board the app train, it’s becoming increasingly hard to really stand out from the app crowd. In order to improve your app, you need to be able to measure its current success. Download figures are great – but they don’t really effectively measure where your app is succeeding and failing.

Here are our top things to look for when reviewing your app:

User Behaviour
How many of the users who have downloaded your app are still actively using it? The number of ‘dormant users’ of an app often exceeds the number of active users so measuring success on downloads alone will produce inaccurate results.

How frequently do your users use your app? A great way to measure success of your app is to see how long each user spends on their sessions and to investigate the session depth (how many pages do your users click through while using our app?).

Sales Success
How many sale conversions are being made through your app in relation to number of users? For e-commerce apps this is a crucial figure for measuring success. Average spend per user will highlight how effective your content/user experience is.

External Advocacy
Social interaction is a key player in the app industry. How often do your users share your app’s content or promotions via social media? The more you can encourage your users to share the more traffic your app will receive.

There are many factors that make up to your app’s success – similarly to your website. So treating your app analytics seriously could be the next step to making your business even more of a success.