Three Mobile App Trends in 2016

by on June 6, 2016


2016 is a busy year in the world of app development. With the rapid release of new wearables, VR Tech and iOS and Android software it’s hard to keep up with the app development trends.

Here are our top three app trends this year.

Enterprise Apps
More and more prominently, businesses are using mobile apps internally to improve daily operations. Whether this is for administrative purposes or engagement and communication, mobile apps in the workplace have boomed this year.

Working with Wearables

With new smart devices and VR becoming more and more popular apps have been jumping on board the wearable train. Making sure your app is compatible with the latest smart watches and VR tech will make your app ore appealing.

Small Businesses Do B2C

It’s time for small businesses to get involved in the app business and 2016 is the best time for it. Ecommerce and B2C apps are an effective and affordable way for companies to create and maintain relationships with their customers and if you’re not on the app store your competition will be.

Keep up to date with the latest trends and app updates to make sure your app stays on top of the rest!