The Benefits of Actively Engaging with Your Members

by on November 24, 2016


In order for any membership organisation to thrive, they need to continually prove their value to their members. With the right strategy and platforms in place, this is easily achievable. Continuous and consistent communication between members and organisations fuel the success of both parties. Whether it’s a quarterly magazine, a yearly diary or wall planner, a website or a mobile app there are multiple ways of effectively connecting and communicating with your members and the results can be significant.


Better Attendance at Events

Organisations see an increase in attendance at events if clear and frequent communications are sent out updating members about the event.

How can you achieve this?

Provide your members with annual wall planners or diairies as a ‘New Years’ gift included with their membership. The diaries can contain event dates and advertisements for specific networking or training events.

Include event information on your website and mobile app. Utilise push notifications to send reminders to book tickets or attend upcoming events.


Retention of Existing Members

Retain members by proving the value your organisation and encouraging members to take up the services you offer. 

How can I achieve this?

Regularly communicate information about your services to your members. Create an easily accessible space where members can easily access up to date information about their membership.


More Frequent Feedback from Members

Prove that you care about your members by listening and acting upon feedback. Continuously seeking feedback to improve the organisation shows members that your organisation is always striving to provide the best service.

How can I achieve this?

Engage with members through a platform which allows you to pulse survey individuals. Using an app you can push information out to members including quick pulse surveys and other content that would be of interest.


Attraction of New Members

New members will be attracted to the organisation if it is show that it constantly communicates, strives to improve and provides continuous support. Adding a few more perks to your membership will help attract new members.

How can I achieve this?

Have a large range of communication methods and offer members additional perks to the membership. Offering a quarterly magazine, a yearly diary or wall planner and a website or a mobile app gives members another reason to engage with your organisation.

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