iPhone 6 equipped with Apple Pay

by on January 24, 2015


Yesterday afternoon saw the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The new handsets come with new enlarged screens to rival Android handsets and improve the user experience as demand increases for mobile phones with larger screens, “primarily for the viewing pleasure that larger screens offer“, cites Forbes.

The more interesting aspect of these new handsets is the inclusion of Apple Pay, a sure-fire way to make payments without the need for a wallet.

Contactless payments have been used in the United Kingdom for a number of years now, but the ability to pay by scanning your iPhone against a Contactless Payment terminal is set to pave the way for how we make payments in years to come.

Apple are not the first to try and introduce mobile payments though. Google tried not so long ago and failed. The Apple attempt looks more positive, with the company already storing millions of users’ credit card details through iTunes accounts.

It is unsure when the United Kingdom will launch this aspect of iOS 8, but the US will introduce it immediately, with big names such as McDonalds, Disney and Subway already signed up to accept payments in store, and the likes of Starbucks, GroupOn and Uber to accept Apple Pay payments through their respective apps.