Enterprise Apps

by on January 24, 2015


Mobile workforces now rely heavily on mobile applications to conduct business. We’re seeing companies reallocate large portions of IT budgets to develop apps that cater to their businesses’ needs.

Employees are using their mobile devices for work activities, whether its been sanctioned by their company or not, because employees want the ability to work wherever.  Improved productivity and engagement is the big benefit that companies should consider when they’re determining how to put together a policy or plan that includes business-specific mobile apps. In the past 20 years, workers have increased their productivity by 25 percent, due to the availability of mobile technology that enables them to work more flexibly. Deploying specific enterprise apps within your organisation will encourage more workers to utilise mobile technologies, enabling them to work wherever they are, and get daily tasks done more efficiently.

Enterprise mobile apps can be customised to fit the exact workflows your employees need, making your organisation more secure, and more productive. If your business has yet to start benefiting from enterprise apps you need to think seriously about making this part of your 2015 internal communication strategy.